ALBUM: Senior Oat – Miracles

ALBUM: Senior Oat – Miracles

Senior Oat Miracles Mp3 Album Zip Download

Senior Oat’s latest album, “Miracles,” stands as a testament to his extraordinary versatility and boundless creativity within the music industry. This album seamlessly blends soul-stirring ballads with lively, energetic anthems, making it a compelling listen for anyone interested in experiencing a diverse sonic palette.

Each track on “Miracles” is a carefully crafted piece of art, exploring a wide array of genres and influences that highlight Senior Oat‘s adept skill in music production and songwriting. From smooth, melodic tunes that tug at the heartstrings to vibrant compositions that energize the spirit, this album is designed to cater to music lovers of all tastes.

What sets “Miracles” apart is not just the musical diversity but also the emotional depth and sincerity that Senior Oat brings to every song. His ability to connect with the audience through universal themes and personal storytelling makes this album not just a musical release, but a profound emotional journey.


1. Senior Oat – Reason To Pray ft. Ms Abbey & AndyLesh

2. Senior Oat – Your Child ft. Kemy Chienda

3. Senior Oat – Find You ft. Alice Orion

4. Senior Oat – So Good ft. Ms Abbey

5. Senior Oat – The Only One ft. Saltie

6. Senior Oat – You Make Me ft. Chello

7. Senior Oat – Yaweh ft. Lizwi

8. Senior Oat – I Am Free ft. Bukeka

9. Senior Oat – Faithful Melody ft. Jay Sax

10. Senior Oat – We Lift Your Name ft. Jeru

11. Senior Oat – Another Day

12. Senior Oat – For My Good ft. Amor

13. Senior Oat – Uphakeme ft. Zamoe

14. Senior Oat – Reason To Pray (Radio Edit) ft. Ms Abbey & Andriana

15. Senior Oat – Find You (Radio Edit) ft. Alice Orion

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