Artist: Tyla

Runtime: 14 songs • 38 minutes

Genre: Pop

Released: 2024

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March 21, 2024, marked a monumental day in the realm of music with the release of “TYLA“, the self-titled debut album from the Grammy Awards-winning South African sensation, Tyla. Released under the auspices of 2024 Fax Records, this album has quickly set the internet ablaze, captivating audiences worldwide with its eclectic mix and groundbreaking collaborations.

Spanning 14 tracks, “TYLA” is a rich tapestry of sounds that beautifully encapsulates Tyla‘s unique musical style, blending elements of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop to create a sound that’s entirely her own. The album boasts an impressive roster of guest features, including global icons such as Tems, the soulful Nigerian singer known for her deep, emotive voice; Kelvin Momo, a master of Amapiano beats; the American rapper Gunna; dancehall maestro Skillibeng; pop sensation Becky G; and the rap titan Travis Scott.

Each collaboration brings its own flavor to the album, making “TYLA” a groundbreaking project that showcases the best of international music. From the smooth rhythms of Tems to the energetic beats of Kelvin Momo, and the distinctive flows of Gunna and Travis Scott, this album is a testament to Tyla‘s versatility as an artist and her ability to blend different genres seamlessly.

Tyla – TYLA Tracklist below; 

  1. Tyla – Intro (feat. Kelvin Momo)

  2. Tyla – Safer
  3. Tyla – Water
  4. Tyla – Truth or Dare
  5. Tyla – No.1 (feat. Tems)
  6. Tyla – Breathe Me
  7. Tyla – Butterflies
  8. Tyla – On and On
  9. Tyla – Jump (feat. Gunna, & Skillibeng)
  10. Tyla – ART
  11. Tyla – On My Body (feat. Becky G)
  12. Tyla – Priorities
  13. Tyla – To Last
  14. Tyla – Water (Remix) (feat. Travis Scott)
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