Boston Celtics and NBA trade deadline open thread

Boston Celtics and NBA trade deadline open thread

Welcome to NBA Trade Deadline Day! Where we will hear roughly 1,045 NBA trade rumors and only about 15-20 will get done, most of which will happen in the last hour.

The Boston Celtics didn’t wait that long to pull the trigger on landing Xavier Tillman (more analysis on that coming). And they still have the Grant Williams TPE to use before it vanishes (once the 2nd apron rules kick in this offseason they can’t use TPEs anymore).

If you ask me, Tillman is already better than the kinds of players I was expecting to hear the Celtics pick up. So anything that happens today is gravy. But Brad is still going to go to work with that growth mentality. Knocking singles and doubles all around the ballpark.

This seems like a good place to plug our blog sections. For example, there’s a section dedicated to Celtics Trade Rumors. So you can catch up on the recent news all in one place.

I’ll also plug the Trade Deadline Primer article that our own Michael Spooner penned a couple of weeks ago. He even mentioned Tillman as a big-man option for the Celtics.

Outside of Boston, there are sure to be a few interesting deals that go down. Here’s another place where I will plug SBNation’s Trade Deadline Stream. Will names like Dejounte Murray, DeMar DeRozan, D’Angelo Russell, Kelly Olynyk, Malcolm Brogdon, and Kyle Kuzma find new homes? Which teams will be buyers? Will the Sixers make a move or hold off till the summer? Does anyone know what the Bulls are doing? Stay tuned and find out.

Of course, we’ll always be ready to analyze the action through the lens of “What does this mean to the Celtics?” Because that’s all that matters, right? So stay tuned to CelticsBlog all day long. Chat here in the comments as well as on the stories that are posted throughout the day. Have a great deadline day!

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