Various Artist – Exclusives & Locked [EP]

Various Artist – Exclusives & Locked [EP]

Various Artist Exclusives & Locked EP Download

The Amapiano music scene has just been enriched with an electrifying new compilation that’s set to dominate playlists. Titled “Exclusives & Locked”, this project is a testament to the genre’s vibrant evolution, showcasing a blend of rhythmic beats and soulful melodies. Crafted by an ensemble of top-tier artists including Tribesoul, Nkulee501, Skroef 28, Djy Biza, Star’jazz, Pills, and Ma’ten, this collection features five tracks that embody the spirit of Amapiano.

Exclusives & Locked” emerges as a pivotal release for fans and newcomers alike, offering a diverse range of sounds that encapsulate the genre’s essence. Each track is a standalone masterpiece, yet together, they create a harmonious journey through the depths of Amapiano. This project not only highlights the individual talents of the artists involved but also their collective ability to push the boundaries of the genre.

Listeners eager to dive into the latest Amapiano vibes should not miss “Exclusives & Locked”. It’s a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, promising to be a staple on dance floors and in headphones around the globe. With its unique mix of beats, this compilation is poised to become a landmark in the Amapiano movement.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kash & Zan SA ft Lemaza & Mema Percent – Bazok’thlaza

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Tribesoul & Nkulee501 – Danger

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Nkulee501 & Skroef 28 – Shaya

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Djy Biza, Star’jazz & Pills – Okaysharp

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ma’ten – Exclusive

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